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Social and New Media

So tonight's lesson is about blogs and websites.

Which features Bong Qiu Qiu, XiaXue, MrBrown and yawningbread's blogs, which is quite entertaining because the lecturer actually went to read on their blogs and tell us additional information and how they earn money and such.

Which reminds me, I did there before and I didn't earn much.

Moving on, what are the stuff that I should continue? Mixlr? Blogging?I obviously can't do 'How to' or 'giveaways' or even predictions.

Maybe I can do conspiracy theories and my views on life?

Maybe, just maybe.
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Is there still a need to blog or write a journal?

The lecturer asked if anyone in class blogged, I raised my hand and said i used to blog.

She asked what do I write about and I replied, anything that comes to mind, about my daily life.

A few of the classmates giggles and made some remarks, I didn't noticed until a classmate who sat next to me nudged me and told me about it afterwards.

"Why don't you stand up for yourself?" she asked and I replied "I don't give a f**k about them, they are not worth my time and besides they never been through what I've been through."

And with that, I decided to try blogging again, just for the sake of keeping myself sane once more.
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(no subject)

If you didn't call me stupid/pig brain/useless.
THIS wouldn't happen.
I wouldn't be some stupid boy who can't find a proper job.
Someone who can't even find his way into a Uni.
Someone who find it difficult to tell everyone how he feels.
Someone who can't even lift his head up and be proud of who he is or his parents.
Someone whose future is in ruins because of his past.
Someone who knows that everything he does is a complete waste of time.
Someone who knows nothing about love.
Someone who is worried that he will end up like his parents.
Someone who hates his life.
YES, I am that bloody someone.
IF you remembered properly.
The only reason i became rebellious was because of what happened many years ago.
I lost my sister.
I lost my future.
I hated school.
I hated myself.
I hated everyone that laughed at me and called me names.
I was JADED.
Today you just made me feel lot more worst.
Since you say I'm stupid then so be it.
I will act stupid for you.
Because you are my mother.
Your stupid son.
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(no subject)

When you call me "Pig Brain" you know I'll give you a very good reply.

Cause you're a pig therefore i have pig's brain.

All i gotta say is that you brought it up to yourself.
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Respect is only given to those who deserve it.

If you have issues with me, talk to me personally. don't tell every fucking single one and then let them come tell me this.

If that happens, I will ensure you that i will not give you any respect at all.

If you wanna play rough with me you gotta know you limits, don't go home and cry father cry mother say I am being a jerk to your who-so-ever.

Also do take note that I have been keeping QUIET about many fucking stupid things and I had enough of this bullshit.

PS: You know who you are, where you're from, what you did and what happened.
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It's been some time since I last blog. Seems like I just lost it. The love of being a blogger. I moss those time when I just say what I want and yes I agree, I've grown up. I no longer trust people that easily unlike before.

I reconsider more than before i step into a relationship.

Life have been rocky for me.

I miss my mum and my step family in Australia.

I broke up last year with someone I really thought we could last, until I found out that he's lying, then again. Do homosexual relationship last?

I gave myself too many hopes that now I rather be hopelessly lost.

Time to take a walk in the forest again.

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Question to the general public

I have tonnes of questions to ask right now, below are some of the things i would like to touch on.

As i believe that some questions are left unanswered, but you should know the answer yourself.

How would you do to protect a relationship fro falling apart?

Do you talk to your partner talk on the phone?

Range from 1 (Worst) to 10(best) Do you trust your partner?

Range from 1 (Worst) to 10(best) how would you rate your partner mentally?

Are you mentally attracted to your partner?

Is your partner attracted to you mentally?

Have you ever quarreled with your partner over small issues?

Have you ever thought of how your partner would think about you?

Have you ever thought of how your partner would think about your friends?

Have you ever thought of how your partner would think about your job?

Have you ever thought of how your partner would think about your past?

Did your partner mention about their past?

Did your partner mention about their job?

Did your partner mention about their friends?

Ever tried talking to your partner on your feelings?

Ever tried talking to your partner on your needs?

Did your partner talk to you about their feelings?

Did your partner talk to you about their needs?

Do you trust your partner?

Many of this questions have a lot meaning to them and i'm damn curious on knowing what would the future hold for people like you and me.

For the better or for the worst? Till death do us part? Till we meet again?

I'm curious and i'm here to learn.
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 Yup it's my birthday yet again! :P

Thank you fot those who SMSed and FBed me! :)

i miss blogging alot too! :) been trying to crack my brain for inspiration, however..

i can't think about anything right now as i'm keeping all my secrets in my never ending bag. :P

all i can say now is thank for you guys for being with me for the how many times and forgiving me for most of my mistakes i've done! :D

i wish you guys well and hope to meet you guys SOON!